Looking out of the ordinary?

Here our inflatable igloos illuminated with LEDs. This magnificent dome is isolated from a warm air membrane 25 inches around. So here’s your shelter to stay warm during the winter and make a hit at your event and / or gathering!

Benefits of the inflatable igloos

  • Choice of 7 colors
  • Programmable colors using a remote control
  • Fully Insulated for warmth
  • 100% protected against weather
  • Fast opening of the side panels
  • Installation and inflation in 5 minutes

Available sizes

  • 20′ diameter
  • 30′ diameter
  • 35′ diameter
  • 40′ diameter
  • 45′ diameter
  • 50′ diameter

In comfort!

The 25 inches thick air membrane in circulation around the igloo gives you an efficient insulation! Stay warm and be comfortable throughout the event.



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Rent a tent, an igloo, one of our inflatable games and our inflatable sofas for your corporate or family event, for a festival, wedding or other!